Rancho Penasquitos Tennis Center Membership

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We currently have a waiting list with over 90 (apx 1 Year wait) The $50.00 wait list fee (non-refundable) will apply to your initiation fee once you join.

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Rancho Penasquitos Tennis Center has several types of memberships to meet the needs of the community. There is a one time initiation fee of $100 for Junior and $200 for all other memberships All fees are non refundable.

Membership TypeYearly RateDefinition
Juniors$105 Under 18 years of age
Senior Membership$21065 years of age & older
Sr. Couple Membership$270 Both over 65 years
Family Membership$425Includes husband and/or wife and dependent children under 19 or full-time students under 24
Single Membership$299 Individual Membership